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About Rocket Science Trading

Pioneers of "Fixed R/R Ratio" and "One Button Trading"

Rocket Science Trading is a community of day traders founded by NASA engineer Jason Heidecker, who found his edge in the markets by distilling trading into its simplest form possible, while relying on tried-and-true mathematical models trusted by scientists and engineers.

"The RST Way" of trading is a unique and elegant approach to day trading that happens to be perfect for beginner day traders.

It's also an ideal trading system for experienced traders who want a more systematic approach to analyzing and improving their trading.

Last Course Update: July 5, 2022
  • Stock Market Basics

    We start with all the basics beginner traders need to know. We cover everything from A to Z in this complete master class on day trading.

  • Technology

    Properly setting up your trade station, trading platform, and hotkeys is critical to profitability as a day trader. We are pioneers of one-button trading.

  • Binomial Distribution

    The binomial distribution is the most important piece of mathematics for traders. It shapes practically every part of the RST trading system.

  • Brokerages

    We breakdown brokerage accounts, commissions, and fees down to the penny and give you the secrets brokers don't want you to know.

  • Pre-market Prep & Scanners

    With over 5,000 ticket symbols to trade, day traders need the best scanners to quickly find Stocks in Play ripe for day trading.

  • Trade Playbook

    Trading success is based on the elements you leave out as much as the ones you leave in. Our entire mission is to make trading as simple as possible.

  • Risk Management

    Risk management is the most important element of day trading. RST's approach to risk management elegantly lends itself to simplified trading with a built-in method for improving profitability.

  • Trade Blocks

    At RST, we only analyze and alter our trade strategies and systems between blocks of at least 100 trades. This is critical in preventing million-dollar playbooks from being discarded prematurely.

  • Sampling Error

    Traders must be prepared for significant variation in monthly trade performance. Knowing the difference between bad luck (sampling error) and bad trading is paramount to successful day trading.

How to Day Trade Like a Rocket Scientist

The course expands upon the method day trading discussed in the instructor's book How to Day Trade Like a Rocket Scientist. The course picks up where the book leaves off with live trading sessions, DAS Trader configuration tutorial, and in-depth discussion and demonstrations of all aspects of The RST Way of trading.

Course Features

  • 20 LESSONS unveiling the step-by-step process of the RST way of trading.
  • QUIZZES for every lesson to emphasize key points.
  • 400 SLIDES for offline studying.
  • Multi-platform support across all major devices.
  • Professionally recorded course audio and video.


"But wait, there's more!"

  • Private Discord Server

    Ask questions, get support, and talk trading directly with the instructor and other students through student-only private Discord channels.

  • Books

    Digital downloads (PDF and Kindle) as well as paperback edition of How to Day Trade Like a Rocket Scientist. Plus any new editions that are released while you are a student.

  • Software & Tools

    RST's DAS Trader Hotkey Generator, Trade and Account Growth Simulator (TAGS), and other useful tools for traders.

Course Curriculum

    1. Course Materials

    2. Introduction Part I

    3. Introduction Part I Quiz

    4. Introduction Part II

    5. Introduction Part II Quiz

    6. Putting It All Together: Risk Management Review and Trading "The RST Way"

    1. What Is Day Trading?

    2. What is Day Trading Quiz

    3. How the Stock Market Works

    4. Stock Market Basics Quiz

    5. Income Potential

    6. Income Potential Quiz

    7. Your Trade Station

    8. Brokerages

    9. Brokerages Quiz

    1. Pre-Market Prep: Scanners, Stocks in Play, and Your Watchlist

    2. Pre-market Prep Quiz

    3. Candlestick Charts and Indicators

    4. Candlestick Charts Quiz

    5. Your Trade Playbook

    6. Trade Playbook Quiz

    7. DAS Trader

    8. DAS Trader Quiz

    9. DAS Trader Hotkeys

    10. DAS Trader Hotkeys Quiz

    11. Simulator and Live Trading

    12. Sim & Live Trading Quiz

    1. Risk Management and "The RST Way"

    2. Risk Management Quiz

    3. The Binomial Distribution and Max Loss

    4. Binomial Distribution and Max Loss Quiz

    5. Share Size

    6. Share Size Quiz

    7. Stop Loss, Profit Target, and R/R Ratio

    8. Stop Loss, Profit Target, and R/R Ratio Quiz

    9. Trade and Account Growth Simulator (TAGS)

    10. TAGS Quiz

    11. Trade Blocks

    12. Trade Blocks Quiz

    1. Putting It All Together: Risk Management Review and Trading "The RST Way"

About this course

  • 6.5 hours of video content
  • 20 lessons

RST Discord Server

You get full access to the Discord server where we talk stocks, trading, and just about everything else. The server also has private channels exclusively for course students.

Binomial Distribution

Did you know the binomial distribution is most important piece of mathematics for traders and gamblers as well as NASA reliability engineers and meteorologists!? Understanding this important aspect of statistics and probability theory will transform your trading!

RST's Online DAS Trader Hotkey Generator

DAS Trader hotkeys make the RST way of trading possible and we love them! Our online hotkey generator creates hotkeys that allow you to trade The RST Way using your specific risk management parameters.

Trade and Account Growth Simulator (TAGS)

Understanding how many red and green days/weeks/months you can expect is critical in preventing traders from accidentally trashing million-dollar playbooks.

About the Instructor

Rocket Science Trading was founded by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer Jason Heidecker in 2021. Jason has contributed to over 60 NASA space missions so far, including climate satellites, deep-space telescopes, and Mars rovers such as Curiosity and Perseverance.

Jason founded RST to create a community of day traders interested in improving their trading through technology, science, and data.

The courses at LearntoDayTrade.com expand on the methodology discussed in Jason's book How to Day Trade Like a Rocket Scientist.

Course & Community Membership

Full access to the course and Discord server including student-only channels with direct access to the instructor.

Keep in Touch

Occasional announcements regarding new courses, tools, and other updates.

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